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Vacancy exists for individuals, male and female, students, workers, etc

Job Title: Marketing Staff

Job Description: Market the company's Services to prospective clients, with strong conviction using our portfolio, projects and clients as reference points

Prospective Clients inlcude: Sec school owners, Principal officers of universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, vocational school, school of health technology, nursing school, commercial schools, student in higher institutions especially computer sciience engineering students, who need to learn how to develop websites practically from the gurus, web designing/development agencies, who need scratch cards for their portals or e-pin payment system enabled on their portal to reduce the huge cost of producing scratch cards, heads of departments of tertiary institutions, government institutions, agencies and parastatals, etc, who will need the services of designing a website for them, developing a portal for schools or government employments as well as production of scratch cards to be used on the portals.

Banks are also included as they need a bank portal to manage accounts and customers (e-banking)

RENUMERATION: 40% of the total cost of every business outsourced by each marketer and a chance to learn web development free with at least three projects outsources by the marketer

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